The Unholy Trinity

The Unholy Trinity invites you on a journey into the absurd world of care home life.

Created by Tamsin Clarke, Kyle Davies, Kate Murtagh, Lizzie Wiggs
Performed by Kyle Davies, Abbi Greenland, Lizzie Wiggs
Designed by James Perkins
Design assistant Annie Loach
Lighting by Sally Ferguson

Performance History

Venue: Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center
Date: 14-16th November, 2011
More information: Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival

Venue: The Lowry, Salford Quays, UK
Date: Friday, 4th February, 2011
More information: The Lowry Studio

Event: HATCH at TakeOver Festival 2010
Venue: The Studio at the York Theatre Royal, York, UK
Date: 28th October, 2010
More Info: TakeOver Festival

the un•ho•ly tri•ni•ty
A slang term used in the care home industry to describe a common triumvirate of conditions experienced by their residents – confusion, immobility, and incontinence. In layman’s terms: can’t remember, can’t move, and can’t pee.

Care home. The mere utterance of these two words sends grandkids scattering, causes adults to busy themselves and strikes the elderly with visions of life-long incarceration alongside their most detested of foes – other old people.

Yes, care homes. We avoid the subject whenever possible. Tuck it away. Ignore it at all costs. Yet with 25% of the British population soon to be over the age of 65 these are two words that most of us can avoid no longer.

The Unholy Trinity invites you on a journey into the absurd world of care home life.

Stuck, bored and increasingly frustrated, three intrepid care home residents hatch a plan – to go on strike. Casting off the rules and regulations that bind them, they attempt to buck the system and reclaim the freedom that is so woefully absent from their lives. Packed with absurdity and ridiculousness, their adventure culminates in a poignant story about dignity and the fight for life.

Performed in demi-mask, the ensemble creates a fantastical world filled chaos, wonder and sweet imaginings.

This is a show that demands to be seen by everyone. After all we’re all gonna get old. It’s simply a matter of time.

The Unholy Trinity was developed with support of The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton, Alleyn’s School in Dulwich, London and the York Theatre Royal.

What Critics are Saying

★★★★★ “One of the 10 best things to see” – Shanghai CityWeekend

“An original and very moving piece of work.” – The Public Reviews

“Abundant humour, agile, and full of theatricality.” – Zhang Lurong

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