TongueTied Theatre becomes State of Play Theatre

TongueTied Theatre has become State of Play Theatre! Welcome to our new blog and website. Please take a look round! We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

So, why change our name?

Back in January of this year we decided to take time to reflect on the company and our work; what we had achieved and where we were headed. In 2010, fresh from training at École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, full of fight and energy, we dreamt up TongueTied Theatre in the living room of my Denmark Hill flat.

It is now five years since our first production premiered at The Studio at The Lowry in January 2011. The Unholy Trinity was a demi-mask production about freedom, autonomy, the fight for survival and the nature of our care for the elderly in British care homes. The show, which was developed in stolen evenings and weekends in a rehearsal room at a local school, was then asked to open the Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival, where it received critical acclaim. This tiny show, developed through playful abandon, also led to our invitation to become an associate company at the York Theatre Royal.

And today, five years and six shows (and a baby) later, quite accidentally, I find myself writing this in the communal grounds of that same London flat where the company was first created. As I sit here, looking up at my old living room window, I remember that fire and determination, the excitement of beginning a new adventure, that sense of play, and I smile to myself knowing that we still carry this spirit with us today.

Running a company is at times fiercely exhausting, but also immensely rewarding. However, it is the obstacles and difficulties that build our strength and challenge us to be creative and bold in our actions. The desire to takes risks, to grow, to keep moving, to play, to connect more closely with the community around us, drives us forward.

And so, as we reflect back on our journey thus far, and I look to define our path forward, I am reminded of the spirit that started us. The importance, above all, of play. Of being in a state of play. Because it is from play that we create. Play is at the centre of all our work, it is the heartbeat of every piece we have ever made.

Welcome to State of Play Theatre.

Lizzie – Artistic Director

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